MIGRAINE RELEASE Healing Bracelet with Starfish©️



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CHAKRA: Throat and Root

10mm gemstones on elastic

7 inches  circumference

Our healing bracelets are the perfect way to receive the energies and positive vibes of crystals during your daily routine

This style bracelet features a Tibetan Silver Starfish to remind us of calming ocean waters and to go with the flow...

Tibetan silver is used primarily in jewelry components, and is similar to pewter

Charm may be gently polished using a jewellery cloth

Our mixed styles, are created based on our healing pouches, these assist our emotional and Etheric bodies to heal blocked or stagnant energies causing dis-ease within 

These two stones work together to help ease pain and inflammation and migraines. Lapis lazuli is one of the best healers for migraines and Smoky Quartz is a wonderful detoxing crystal for our overall emotions and physical body

LAPIS LAZULI ~ Lapis is a beautiful stone that forms friendships and deep communication

Teaches spiritual love and compassion

Builds long lasting relationships and has calming vibrations

It brings truth and harmony and helps us realise what's important for us

Use as a protection stone in grids or around your home when placed in 4 corners

Lapis is great to manifest and use in magic rituals, used during meditation it increases energies

Use to connect with higher spirit guides and increase your intuition

Metaphysically healing for headaches and the nervous system, it has a calming effect

Also helps migraines, pain and inflammation

SMOKY QUARTZ ~ A stone of protective grounding vibes

Smoky quartz is a crystal that will guard against psychic attacks, paranormal activity and keep evil energies away

Perfect to keep on your bedside at night for protective vibes

It will bring sleep if you have insomnia and help ease your anxieties or panic attacks

Use to absorb misfortune and sorrows and keep during times of stress

Smoky quartz eliminates and detoxes our system on all levels

Easing for depression and brings calm emotions

Metaphysically healing for moving helping energy blocks and relieving chronic pain

Do not wet your bracelet as quality may be affected over time

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