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Witchy Herb for Psychic connection ~ Catnip

Witchy Herb for Psychic connection ~ Catnip

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Weight: 15gms

These collections are designed to be used for incense and magickal use only, do not ingest

Catnip is a herb to be placed around your home, or carried with you~ use for love, animal connection and luck

Carry a satchel with rose petals added to attract love 

Let your cat near to play and creat a psychic bond

Hang a small pouch over your doorway to bring good luck

They may also be used in the following ways: 

~ Burnt in your Cauldron or Abalone Shell

~ Used in Spells 

~ Use a charcoal disc for burning herbs or incense, once hot, add a pinch of desired blend

Please keep stored in the air tight bag when not in use, and away from moisture or in glass jars



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