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Apothecary Herb for Lust/Protection ~ Juniper Berries

Apothecary Herb for Lust/Protection ~ Juniper Berries

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Weight: 20gms

Herbs Used:

Juniper Berries

These collections are designed to be used for incense and magickal use only, do not ingest

They may also be used in the following ways: 

~ Burnt in your Cauldron or Abalone Shell

~ Used in Spells 

~ Use a charcoal disc for burning herbs or incense, once hot, add a pinch of desired blend

You may also carry your herbs as a talisman in a little pouch, hang it from doorways or place by your pillow 

What these herbs do: 

~ Lust attract what you desire

~ Protection of your home and spiritual self 

~ String the berries as a charm to attract a lover toward you

~ A satchet or pouch hung above the door is said to protect from thieves, curses, injury and illness

~ Use the crushed berries in healing rituals and incense 

Store away from moisture in sealed bag or glass jar, do not expose to light 

Our bags are foil lined, resealable and packed hygienically by us. 


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