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Apothecary Herb for Spiritual Growth~ Passionflower

Apothecary Herb for Spiritual Growth~ Passionflower

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Weight: 15gm

Herb used:


These collections are designed to be used for incense and magickal use only, do not ingest

They may also be used in the following ways: 

~ Burnt in your Cauldron or Abalone Shell

~ Used in Spells 

~ Use a charcoal disc for burning herbs or incense, once hot, add a pinch of desired blend

You may also carry your herbs as a talisman in a little pouch, hang it from doorways or place by your pillow 

What this herb does: 

PASSIONFLOWER connects us with:

Love Spells to find your soul mate or kindred soul

Amulets for attracting luck 

Calming properties to help relieve stress or anxiety

Revitalising yourself for vitality

Spiritual growth and finding new direction 

Friendships/relationships strengthening 


Store away from moisture in sealed bag or glass jar away from direct light 


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