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Moqui Marbles - Male single

Moqui Marbles - Male single

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Height: 30mm

Width: 30mm

These Moqui Marbles originate from Utah. They are concretions found in the Navajo Sandstone regions of Utah/Arizona USA. Consisting of sandstone and iron or hematite. These have been legally sourced, as it is illegal to remove any of these marbles from the area…

They were discovered by the Moqui/Hopi Tribe so you know they are brilliant already right? 

So what are these ancient healing stones all about?

They are usually sold as a pair which contains a male and female stone

You will feel a natural magnetic pull between them both when you bring them close together but not touching, this energy you feel is what is going to heal you!

Regular use of these stones helps your body tap into its own natural healing abilities

The male are bumpy with surface protrusions or acorn shaped whilst the female are smother textured

We also have androgynous stones with carry the characteristic of both male/female energy. Hence you only need to use one

Moqui Marbles are wonderful for bringing balance to both our masculine and feminine energies or our Yin/Yang

They are very powerful stones for healing and grounding yourself and also effective for relieving pain. To do this hold one stone above your painful area, but do not make skin contact with your stone. Allow the magnetic pull draw your pain outwards from your body. Imagine this being harmlessly dissipated into the Universe.

To help with emotional clearing circle a stone anti clockwise and then clockwise around your body and Crown. Allow it to release any tension and anxieties you may be holding within

Use your stones to help activate stagnant energies in your Chakras and bring renewed vitality by awakening your body energy meridians. Place female stone in your left palm and male in your right palm

For spiritual, meditation and Magickal energy place one female stone at your feet and one male stone at your crown. Lay down and allow the vibrations to penetrate your entire being!

They also help our concentration levels, so are useful in your office or workspace for creativity and focus

Metaphysically healing for pain, emotions and clearing our spiritual bodies. Used in healings for realigning Chakras and repairing Auric field holes/tears.

They do love to be cleansed often and if you can place them in the sun for a quick charge up on a weekly basis they will stay amazingly vibrant and happy!

You receive one Moqui Marble as shown please note being natural rocks dents, irregularities, cracks and uneven edges are what you get. If they were perfect they would be fake!

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