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Frosted Mountain Jade Healing Bracelet ~ EARTH ENERGY

Frosted Mountain Jade Healing Bracelet ~ EARTH ENERGY

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8mm gemstones on elastic with spacer

7 inches diameter one size fits most

Our handmade bracelets are a simple way to wear crystal energies, and receive some positive healing benefits into your daily routine

Jade is a gentle vibration stone that holds no negativity and brings calming vibrations 

It is balancing for yin/yang energies and is known as a stone of fidelity and lasting love to our life

It has protective energies and is often used as a lucky talisman to attract health, wealth and abundance

Nephrite Jade is wonderful when used in dream recall and lucid dreaming or meditation 

Metaphysically it is a stone of good health, fertility and cleansing our system of toxins or stagnant energy

Jade is symbolic of good fortune and it brings positive energies to our surrounds

Please do not wet bracelet as quality may be affected over time

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