Nepalese Singing Bowl with Cushion and Wooden Striker

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width: 100mm

These singing bowls are solid brass and hand made in Tibet

Used by traditional monks, Buddhists and healers alike

These are wonderful tools to promote peace, harmony and balance in your home

They may be used in crystal cleansing, sound healing and meditation

They are used by gently holding in your palm open and running their striker around the outer rim

The bowl will sing in high pitches and deliver the traditional "Om" that brings us inner peace and relaxation

Use to cleanse your home by walking through each space playing your bowl

They do take practice but once mastered, you will use it each day!

I feature a video on my fb page of one in use

If your brass tarnishes with time I recommend using a dry paper towel with some eucalyptus oil on it and wipe the bowl inside and out. It brings the shine back and makes them vibrate beautifully 🙏🏻