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Nephrite Jade Pyramid

Nephrite Jade Pyramid

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weight: 130gms

Height: 57mm

Width: 43mm

Nephrite Jade brings all over healing, it greatly benefits our kidneys and filtering toxins out of our system, skin, and hormones

A beneficial energy for all over spiritual and physical health

Jade is a protective stone that helps banish negative energies in your life into positivity and happiness.

Jade allows us to achieve well-being and helps us find healthy balance 

It expands imagination and creativity

Holding before bedtime aids in dream recall and helps relieve anxieties that may keep you awake

Jade is a stone held in high regard and royalty since ancient times

Jade is considered to attract lasting love, health, wealth and love to your life

Use it to keep the nervous system soothes and reduce stress

Metaphysically healing for cleansing the body, fertility and reproductive system

Healing pyramids are perfect to channel and amplify our intentions

Use them as a meditation focal point and for manifestation practices

Pyramids are ancient sacred geometry used for centuries in healing

They have powerful energies that bring well being and healing into our daily life

If you have no time for a power nap hold a small pyramid between your hands and relax your mind so you may join your aura with the vibes of the pyramid 


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