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New Jade Tumble Stones

New Jade Tumble Stones

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New Jade is a stone for the heart, fertility, and relieving anxiety

It has all over cleansing and detoxifying vibrations to bring wellbeing

Carrying or wearing Jade brings balance and positive Chi flow

Jade brings longevity and happiness to our life

Use it to raise your inner Kundalini energies 

Metaphysically healing for hormonal mood swings, nails, hair and balance 

Hold before bedtime to bring dream recall and relieve anxieties that may keep you awake

Jade is a stone held in high regard and royalty since ancient times In Eastern cultures

Jade is considered to bring lasting love, health, wealth and abundance to your life

You receive one stone chosen intuitively for you

These are perfect for your bra, pocket or bag to receive healing energy in your daily routine

Placed under your pillow or beside you bed in the evening, you receive gentle healing whilst your body recovers and relaxes, crystal healing works wonders at this time

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