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Yoni Eggs ~ Opalite Set of 3 with Sari pouch

Yoni Eggs ~ Opalite Set of 3 with Sari pouch

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CHAKRA: Sacral and Third Eye

Release your inner Goddess!

Opalite is a human created alchemy crystal, that has amazing colour spectrums within

Even though it is human created, it holds very real healing characteristics, that are beneficial

It may sometimes contain tiny air bubbles, this is a normal occurrence and not a fault 

It is known for its beautiful opalescent colour and brings calming and peaceful vibes to your surrounds 

It has serene energy that brings loving relationships 

Metaphysically healing for hormone balancing and easing migraine headaches, purifying the blood and kidneys 

Opalite is helpful for balancing emotions and depression, anxiety or stress

Opalite is an all round healer that moves stagnant energy from our Chakras 

It helps in times of transitioning and gives us inner strength whilst helping overcome lethargy or tiredness

Used in the bedroom it promotes sexuality, awareness and prowess

These eggs work with our Sacral Chakras to help build our feminine Kundlini energies and rise them through our body.

Yoni Eggs are a simple way to increase your pelvic floor muscles and bring strength to your muscles. When used daily they will bring benefits that are long lasting.

The egg is held in place using your pelvic floor muscles. If you find you cannot hold them simply use whilst sitting or laying down for 10 minutes a day until your strength is increased.

Begin with the largest size egg and progress to the smaller sizes as your skill and strength develops.

Perfect for use if you have mild prolapse, weak bladder or after childbirth. The benefits of these eggs are stronger muscles, lubrication and increased sensation in your pelvic region.

These eggs are 100% crystal each is unique. They are hand carved and smoothly polished.

They should be cleansed before and after use with organic soap with water and towel dried. Do not use during menstruation.


 Connect with your Egg a few days before use, this lets you feel the vibration it has to offer

Program before use, by telling your Egg what Healing you wish to receive 

Cleanse with running water and a soap free wash before use

 Inserting your Egg is simple and easy

~  Insert just as using a tampon and gently slide in, with the string left out the body

~breathe deeply and relax upon insertion, this makes it a lot easier if your muscles are not clenched or feeling nervous 

~ keep the pointed end facing downward for easy retrieval, so the widest part is first inserted

~ Yoni eggs can’t get stuck, and they can only move so far within your cervix, they usually stay within the vaginal wall

~ Use during meditation and breathing practice

~ use during any exercise regime

~ Walking your dog, doing groceries or watching tv, the time and length you do it, is your personal choice

~ Perform a set of regular squeezes using your pc muscles on the Egg. Think of stop/starting urine flow!

~ I usually recommend to begin with a time interval of around 20 minutes, in this time do a few sets of 10 squeezes on your inserted egg


 Your muscles may ache or you may feel a heavy period pain like sensation, this is completely normal, as like any muscle that is not used to a new exercise regime, it will reduce and pass within a few days

 Practice daily or if you need to skip a day and then resume 

Never use the eggs during Menstruation, or if you have any infections

Results are great when practised regularly, and you should notice improvement within a few short weeks

 Increased lubrication, heightened nerve sensation, stronger muscles and control are all wonderful benefits, higher sex drive, goddess energies and Sacral Chakra are activated  

Start with the largest egg and gradually move down to the smallest egg, or if you prefer stick with the medium and use the small one for a weight

Yes! you can do weights with these little crystal eggs! It does take some practice and strong muscles but it can be done.. 

Simply connect the smallest egg to the string of your larger egg being inserted, please do it over a bed or carpeted area, as if it drops and you can’t catch it it will smash!!


~ Get yourself in the squat position and push it out using your pc muscles

~ If using the string, gently pull at the same time

~ If you don’t use string and it won’t come out, first rule is don’t panic!

~ This will make you tense even more and make removal uncomfortable 

~ Leave it in a little longer, you can’t get any infections, as it’s a natural crystal

~ It will eventually work its way down, for you to push or if needed gently use your fingers to retrieve

~ As you advance you may also breathe/birth the egg out, which for some may be a very spiritual experience

Always cleanse with a soap free wash after use, and allow to air dry, you may charge in the sun also for short periods of time 

 Get to work you Goddess, your inner power awaits you....

Message me anytime on Facebook, Instagram or via email if you need help

Please note Sari Pouch will change colour depending on availability! All are gorgeous ethical & recycled fabric handmade in India 

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