Optical Calcite Mini Cubes



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weight: 3-4gms

length: 12mm

width: 12mm

Optical Calcite is a stone with a naturally double refractive appearance 

It opens windows of opportunity and brings good fortune to your home surrounds or workplace

Great to use during prayers or manifesting, especially if you have a difficult situation to overcome

Optical Calcite has similar vibrations of Clear Quartz

It amplifies white light healing with positivity and removes negativity from its surrounds

Use for meditation, concentration and mind expansion

This form of calcite also works to balance calcium in our body and helps absorb vitamins

Metaphysically healing for eyesight, migraines and amplifying the effect of other crystals used in healing

Calcite will remove energy blockages within our bodies and restore health

Cubes are a sacred geometry shape and bring the Earth element of grounding

Crystal cube forms resonate with our Root Chakra

If meditating with this shape you will be more grounded and allow yourself to reconnect with Mother Earth

When not in use place them in each corner of any room for protection, aren’t they cool!

They bring balance and stability to their surrounding area

Calcite Cubes bring patience to us and allow things to develop in their own time

You receive 1 cube chosen intuitively for you