Orange/Red Aventurine Mala/Prayer Beads ~ UNIVERSAL VITALITY



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Chakra: Sacral and Solar Plexus 

Element: Earth

A stone traditionally used to protect against theft and lightening strikes

Keep a piece in your car to protect against traffic accidents

Aventurine is a luck bringer when the odds are against you

Good for restoring the happiness and humour back to your life

Red/Orange aventurine brings a sense of well-being, calming and creative energies

Placed in the bedroom or under the bed/mattress it will increase stamina and libido

Metaphysically healing for the reproductive system, fertility, skin conditions, fibromyalgia and side effects caused from radiotherapy

Beneficial for male fertility boosting

Use in healing for improving circulation, boosting immunity and detoxing your system

These feature gemstones of 8mm sizing with knotting in between and a larger raw  Orange Aventurine guru bead and tassel 

Mala beads are used to practice a daily mantra whilst meditating. You begin on one side and work through each bead until you reach the larger guru in the centre. Repeat your chant on the other side

Your affirmation may be whatever inspires you. You set your intent and focus to this thought

When wearing you will retain the spiritual energies and bring them into your daily routine

Please do not wet malas as their quality may be affected over time

You receive one pair of malas chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful