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Orange /Golden Howlite Tumble Stones

Orange /Golden Howlite Tumble Stones

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CHAKRA: Solar Plexus and Crown


A stone to bring calm and soothing energies. It is an anti frustration crystal

Howlite is a stone of spirituality that connects us with our higher self and the Divine

Howlite diffuses anger and irritability from within

It ensures balance and positivity with harmony to our surrounds

Orange and Yellow Crystals bring us positive energy, and dispel negativity and emotions we may hold onto

They are great for activating our Solar Plexus Chaka, which delivers stability and free flowing energy 

Carry one for happiness and joy, you will feel the vibrant energy!

Attach a small piece of Tumble stone to your animals collar or near their bed to encourage them to not wander.

Metaphysically healing for teeth and gums, nails and and bones

Tumbles are perfect for healing layouts and gridding, use whenever you need healing energies 

Put one in your pocket, purse or bra for crystal vibes wherever you may be

Placed beside or under your pillow you receive healing whilst sleeping

These stones are coloured as natural Howlite is white, this does not harm or impair the crystal  energy

You receive one tumble stone chosen intuitively for you

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