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Orgone Charging Plate ~ Chakra Balance

Orgone Charging Plate ~ Chakra Balance

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9.5cm x 9.5cm 

Orgones are a powerhouse of energies to be tapped into.

They are spiritual tools that bring the following metaphysical benefits:

peaceful sleep and lucid dreaming

deeper meditation

harmony and balance

aligns our auric fields for healing

balances our Chakras for free flow energies

protects from wifi and emf emissions

keeps food and supplements fresh

This plate features copper for enhanced vibrations and healing

Copper attracts abundance and good luck to your home

It also is very energising for smaller stones or jewellery, when they are placed within for a few hours

Copper opens energy pathways around our home and Spirit if we wear or hold it

Root ~ Red Jasper 

Sacral ~ Carnelian

Solar Plexus ~ Yellow Jasper

Heart ~ Green Fuchsite

Throat ~ Blue Turquoise

Third Eye ~ Lapis Lazul

Crown ~ Amethyst 

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