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Orthoceras Fossil Trinket Dish

Orthoceras Fossil Trinket Dish

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CHAKRA: Root and Crown

height: 105gms

width: 110mm

Orthoceras are ancient mollusc that lived around 400 million years ago

Use them for past life regression sessions, meditation or use as a worry stone to remove stress

These fossils work on our root chakra with their grounding vibrations

Use them to bring emotional balance and healing and to open your mind from depression or issues holding you back

They are great to balance Earth energies in your home with their natural grounding vibration

Spiritually they bring us confidence and positive feelings, they allow us to overcome fears and bring much needed stability

Used for Chakra Healing they will bring enlightenment of the Root Chakra and allow you to achieve life force energy and strength

They provide equilibrium in our physical body and boost our spirituality

Metaphysically healing for removing toxins from our systems and enhancing the power of other crystals used, they uplift our emotions, helping depression or feelings of despair

They are also perfect for placing your rings, jewellery and tumble stones on 

You receive one bowl chosen intuitively for you, each is unique 

 Bracelets not included.

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