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Ouija ~ Moth Spirit Board includes Large Planchette

Ouija ~ Moth Spirit Board includes Large Planchette

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These are truly gorgeous Magick in the making! 

The base features soft rubber grips so your board won’t slide off the table! 

Approx measurements: 

Board Dimensions: 30cm wide x 20cm high, 3mm thick.

I have added a few tips, because I am always asked, so here we go: 

Please always be responsible when practising Divination and contacting Spiritual Realms with these boards 

~ It is not deemed a game, and you should be grounded, balanced and choose some protective crystals to have in your surrounds. 

These larger planchette are awesome! Hang them on your front door or bedroom to deter negative spirits or people from entering. Instead of welcoming…your are politely saying Goodbye instead! 

~ Burn Sage and cleanse your Aura. 

~ Candles also illuminate and attract light and energy

~ Surround yourself in white light, and relax your mind 

~ Don not use if you feel depleted, lethargic or have illness

~ Write down your messages so you remember! 

A beautiful crafted board using Australian Woods, staining and laser cut

This Board includes the Planchette as shown

Slight variations may occur, being a natural product 

These are hand made and are not perfect! They use natural products and aren’t plastic

Wooden stand may be purchased separately  for $12 each 

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