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Ouija ~ Skull Spirit Board with Planchette

Ouija ~ Skull Spirit Board with Planchette

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190mm x 270mm 

These are truly gorgeous Magick in the making! 

The base features soft rubber grips so your board won’t slide off the table! 

I have added a few tips, because I am always asked, so here we go: 

Please always be responsible when practising Divination and contacting Spiritual Realms with these boards 

~ It is not deemed a game, and you should be grounded, balanced and choose some protective crystals to have in your surrounds. 

~ Burn Sage and cleanse your Aura. 

~ Candles also illuminate and attract light and energy

~ Surround yourself in white light, and relax your mind 

~ Don not use if you feel depleted, lethargic or have illness

~ Write down your messages so you remember! 

A beautiful crafted board using Australian Woods, staining and laser cut

This Board includes the Planchette as shown

Slight variations may occur, being a natural product 

These are hand made and are not perfect! They use natural products

Wooden stand may be purchased separately  for $12 each 

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