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Peridot Dangles ~ Tranquility

Peridot Dangles ~ Tranquility

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CHAKRA: Solar Plexus and Heart

Height: 45mm

Width: 9mm

Peridot is a beautiful stone to guard against jealousy and betrayal

It is a naturally protective crystal against envy or gossip from others

Used in crystal healing it is very effective or used for Reiki it amplifies the energies

Keep some under your pillow to prevent nightmares and promote peaceful sleep

Metaphysically healing for ulcers, stings and bites

Digestive issues and relieving growths or swellings on the body

These earrings are made using stainless steel and are hypoallergenic for people who have sensitive ears
You will receive one pair of earrings intuitively chosen for you, each is uniquely beautiful 
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