Petrified Wood Sphere Includes Wooden Holder



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CHAKRA: Root and Sacral


weight: 297gms

Diameter: 62mm

This was the very first crystal I bought as a teenager. Except mine are 2 tumble stones which I still have over 30 years later! I love this magickal vibration

Petrified Wood is found within Australia and is a stone of transformation and used in healing work

Its structure is Wood from fossilised trees where the Wood becomes replaced by minerals like quartz or agate, this takes millions of years to occur

It has very earthy grounding energy which also protects us from negativity 

If you delve into dreams use this before bedtime or during meditation, as it helps connect us with departed loved ones in the spiritual realms, they may be our guardians

Folklore has it that the forests turned to stone when a bad witch cast dark spells upon the land. One day this balance will return when a good witch reverses the spellwork....

Metaphysically Healing for back pain, allergies and hay fever

The crystal may also be used as an elixir for the hair and skin, it’s very beneficial for beauty 

Crystal spheres/balls contain their energies within and promote harmony to their surrounds

They send even healing vibes in all directions due to their perfect shape

Ancient China believe them to harness the Suns energies and transfer this to our homes for abundance, prosperity and good luck

Use as a focal point during meditation or for scrying