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Pietersite Silver Pendant

Pietersite Silver Pendant

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Height: 38mm

Width: 21mm

This beautifully swirling patterned stone was discovered in Nambia and is not to common or easy to source.

Pietersite is said to be like a storm within the crystals and the colours and patterns often resemble  a “storm”. Some believe it to “hold the key to heaven”

If you travel daily or in bad weather, this is said to offer protection as a Talisman to carry with you

Keeping it in your home protects your sacred space or business against negative energies and even perhaps storm damage (hence the name)

By wearing or placing a piece in your work area or near electronics it offers a shield of protection from harmful EMFS and negative ions in our modern world and appliances.

For our fur babies it brings calming and helps ease nerves if they are afraid or suffer anxiety and this is very useful during storms.

Metaphysically Healing for respiratory conditions, vitality and building strength in the whole physical body.  Perfect for the nervous system and eye sight

Genuine .925 sterling Silver 

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