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Pink Banded Onyx Moon

Pink Banded Onyx Moon

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Weight: 100gms

Height: 75mm

Width: 45mm

I absolutely adore this stone of many variations and tones!

Onyx in any colour or pattern is very protective of their keeper 

Wearing or carrying onyx will bring grounding energy as you connect with Mother Earth 

Onyx has vibrations to absorb and transform negative energy, and brings balance to our Spirit

It also deflects harmful or evil energies away from you, think of it as a personal Aura shield 

It offers protection against negative people and in return gives you a positive outlook on life

Onyx provides a feeling of security for those who suffer an obsession or addiction

It has been used for centuries in natural healing, holistic medicine and protection rituals & Magick 

Metaphysically healing for improving cell regeneration, vitality and nausea

Talk to the Moon and move in tune with her lunar phases! 

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