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Pink Himalayan Quartz Cluster

Pink Himalayan Quartz Cluster

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CHAKRA: Heart and Crown 

ELEMENT: Earth and Water 

weight: 257gms

height: 97mm

width: 83mm

 This beautiful Quartz is a texture and matte tone that makes it so very special! It does tend to feel a little more crumbly and rough compared to usual Quartz, this is characteristic of her 

As her colour indicates she is here to also heal our heart and is often referred to as a

“Crystal of Nurture”

If you want to open your Heart Chakra and heal frayed emotions, anxiety or stress she is ideal to work with

Placed in your bedroom she will surround you with positive energy and universal love

She can also induce sweet dreams and deep sleeping 

Feminine Vibrations give us a feeling of security and self love with confidence

Her pink hue through the usual Clear Quartz is from traces of natural aluminium or phosphate

Metaphysically Healing for all over body healing, Chakra Alignment and to help empower any natural healing. She is wonderful used in Reiki energy healings!

 Clusters contain intergrated energies

Clusters are great used in absent healing and energise other crystals and their surrounds.

They bring the body back into harmony and restore imbalances.

When used in a room where you practice, meditation, Reiki, divination or healing it will absorb negative vibes away from the healer and patient.

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