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Pink Obsidian Tumble Stones

Pink Obsidian Tumble Stones

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Obsidian is an indigenous rock that is created on Mother Earths surface when hot molten lava cools quickly

Obsidian stone originates where lava contacts the water near a volcanic dome or lava flow 

 A stone of silica rich volcanic glass with amazing clarity and energy

This pink tone resonates with our Heart Chakra 

Obsidian is an earthy energy stone that brings protective vibes to its surrounds 

Metaphysically healing for our mind, body and emotions 

Tumble Stones are perfect to carry in your bra, pocket or bag, they eneable you to carry crystal energies wherever you may be

Placed under your pillow they provide healing vibes whilst sleeping

Please note these are man made stones with colour

You receive one tumble  stone shown chosen intuitively for you 



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