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Carnelian Prayer/Mala Beads LIBIDO

Carnelian Prayer/Mala Beads LIBIDO

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CHAKRA: Sacral


108 beads plus the guru

6mm gemstones on elastic for comfort and ease of use

700mm diameter approximately

Mala beads are used to practice a daily mantra whilst meditating. You begin on one side and work through each bead until you reach the larger guru in the centre. Repeat your chant on the other side

Your affirmation may be whatever inspires you. You set your intent and focus to this thought

When wearing you will retain the spiritual energies and bring them into your daily routine

These feature a Chinese eternal Knot in their centre

Orange Carnelian is a stone associated with the Goddess Isis and her fertile blood

Ancient Egypt refer to the colour as the sun setting

A stone of vitality and life joy

Great energies for increasing motivation, ambition and leadership

Metaphysically healing for female fertility, IVF, PMS and menstural problems

It helps overcome sexual disorders and brings balance and flowing energies

Use to boost either male or female libido

Carnelian frees you from anger and jealousy

Please do not wet these malas as it may affect the quality over time


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