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MOTHERHOOD Healing Pouch ©

MOTHERHOOD Healing Pouch ©

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CHAKRAS: Root, Sacral, Heart, Throat and Crown

I have created these healing pouches based on my knowledge gained from my Crystal Healing Certification. These pouches are designed to help us by engaging our physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies. These all form together and create our persona.

Crystal healing works by restoring balance on our etheric body before the illness manifests further. The Etheric body is a duplicate of our physical body and radiates around 4 inches above and is a higher vibration.

The etheric appears as a fine grey mist and does not filter bad or good vibes. This is when crystal healing is used to remove the blocks and restore healthy flow.

I recommend you leave these stones on or around your body for at least 15- 20 minutes to allow their energies to take effect. Crystals can become more powerful when used repeatedly for the same purpose.

 Being pregnant is a different experience for us all, I sailed through mine both wonderfully without problems, and had two healthy girls 

These stones have been chosen by me based on my experience, only thing is they won't stop weird cravings 😂 but they will definitely help our mixed emotions!

This pouch has a mix of beautiful energies to compliment each other during your pregnancy, delivery and afterward 

Metaphysically healing for our mental, physical, etheric and astral bodies:

UNAKITE  ~ brings love and is great for connection by holding on the womb during pregnancy to connect with your baby. Take into the delivery room at the time of birth to reconnect spiritually and physically

ORANGE CALCITE ~ brings your mind joy and is a stone of happiness and sun shining with energies

BLACK ONYX ~ brings grounding and great protection for you both and eases nausea

CLEAR QUARTZ ~  is pure life force vibrations with healing white light and energises all the other crystals

RAINBOW MOONSTONEv~ is the divine goddess of lunar magical energy to calm emotions and provide lucid dreams and restful sleep

ROSE QUARTZ ~ is a stone of self love, love of others and is nurturing and brings harmony to its surrounds

Use them all at once or as individual stones, pop them in your pocket, bra or purse for energies when needed

Placed on your bedside or under you pillow you receive healing whilst sleeping

Remember to always cleanse the negative vibes absorbed by your stones after each use

You may use white sage, palo santo smudging or singing bowls to do so or you preferred method

Place them in the Sun for an hour or so inside or outside to recharge for next use

This keeps them happy, cleansed and ready to programme for next healing

© 2020 MoonstoneGypsyAU



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