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CHAKRA: Crown & Third Eye


Weight: 150gms

Height: 39mm

Width: 63mm

This amazing coloured crystal is natural and she is here to heal and enlighten your mind, body and spirit

She is powdery in texture and the surface colour will transfer to your fingers, this is completely normal. So, for this reason please don’t place her in water to cleanse!

This divine purpurite is here to counteract any negativity like a shield and swing it back to the other direction and encourage you to seek positive outcomes and new paths instead

If you are developing your psychic abilities, healing or meditating this crystal energy is going to raise your vibration and help your natural progression, you just need to keep practising and stay focused

If you suffer from anxiety, nervousness or insecurities she is her to build your self esteem and help de clutter your mind of unnecessary thoughts

Purpurite restores our body equilibrium for optimum health and harmony

Metaphysically Healing for immune strengthening and helping ongoing illnesses. Improving blood flow, blood pressure & soothing headaches and migraines, especially those from hormonal causes or stress induced.

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