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Galena & Pyrite Silver Pendant

Galena & Pyrite Silver Pendant

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CHAKRA: Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus 


Height: 47mm

Width: 26mm

This amazing specimen combines both Galena & Pyrite for a powerhouse of energy

Galena as lead sulphite and is toxic so please don’t make an elixir using it!

Always wash hands after handling and keep always from pets and children

Folklore believe this stone to reveal hidden treasures as it’s often found with silver, Mara site and fluorite

This energy transforms us and allows us to transition from stagnant areas of our life to newer ones

If you are grieving the passing of a loved one Galena helps you adjust and accept the changes around you

Magical Aspect: use as a little psychic shield against negative vibes and absorbing them

Metaphysically healing for breathing, nervous system, skin irritations and circulation
Pyrite clusters contain hidden fire and the ability to generate wealth when using your own efforts

A stone known as Fools Gold as it's actually found near real gold often....

Pyrite may be bright gold, duller or even have a silvery tone to its appearance

Pyrite is a protective energy and shielding stone. Carry a piece to reflect harm and danger away from your aura or keep a piece in your home surrounds. Useful if you are travelling away from home

Pyrite provides a psychic guard against ongoing control or manipulation from overpowering people in your life

Place some in your home or business place and the Vibes will create more vitality in the atmosphere. It overcomes mental fatigue due to stress or lethargy

Metaphysically it will aid the nervous system by stimulating blood flow to the brain, increasing mental clarity and alertness

Healing energies for colds, flu or viral attacks , healthy digestion

Genuine .925 Sterling Silver With raw stones 

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