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Pyrophyllite (Pencil Stone) Tumble Stones

Pyrophyllite (Pencil Stone) Tumble Stones

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CHAKRA: Heart and Third Eye

This gorgeous Stone is perfect if you are creative, especially with literature 

Pencil Stone allows yourself to practice automatic writing, complete books & get them published

Used in crystal healing layouts and when held in palms it will align Chakras for optimum balance

Wonderful for harmony of the Yin/Yang energies of our body and removing stagnant blockages 

If you meditate, this will help you achieve zen like feelings and remain relaxed in the moment

Carry a piece in your pocket or bra if you feel stressed in situations, or place under your pillow for comfort and calm during sleep time

Metaphysically healing for promoting free flowing energy through the entire physical body and Chakras

You receive one tumble stone chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful 


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