Que Sera/Llanite Tumble Stones



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CHAKRA: Solar Plexus, Crown 

This is a powerhouse of wonderful vibrations!

Que Sera originates only from Texas and contains a mix of several different stones combined

It works with our higher Chakras but is also great for bringing balance and centering used in healing for the Solar Plexus

It brings us mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and psychic energies

Metaphysically it relieves stress, boosts our energy levels, eases depression and protects us from electromagnetic fields from devices

This is perfect to place beside your laptop, phone or television or even in the kitchen near the microwave

Helps develop clairaudience and develops psychic abilities

Place in your pocket or bra for crystal vibes wherever you are

Under your pillow at night you receive the benefits whilst sleeping

You receive one tumble stone shown chosen intuitively for you