Rainbow Bismuth



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CHAKRA: Root and Crown

weight: 184gms

height: 69mm

width: 47mm

Bismuth is a base metal crystal, that is grown to produce a rainbow colour spectrum and geometric form

It is a form of modern alchemy with beautiful metallic colours that promote joy and happiness

Keep a piece if you are going through life changes, especially moving houses

Carry a piece to keep calm your energies if you feel overwhelmed in certain situations

Bismuth activates and opens our root and crown chakras simultaneously for healing and spiritual growth

Rainbow Bismuth helps us evolve and transform our life

It provides a rush of Mother Earth energies and that of the Universe combined, to elevate our moods and banish depression or feelings of melancholy

In crystal healing it is used to open the root and crown chakra for energising vibrations

It is effective in reducing exhaustion and helps us feel alive with vitality

Metaphysically healing for easing fevers, chronic health conditions, helping muscles, and bringing vitality back to people after surgery or operations

This should be cleansed only using White Sage Smudge, Palo Santo or a Singing Bowl, no water please!