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Rainbow Calsilica & Citrine Silver Pendant

Rainbow Calsilica & Citrine Silver Pendant

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CHAKRA: All but mostly Third Eye

Height: 44mm

Width: 21mm

Rainbow Calsilica is a form of Calcite originating in Mexico, it is part natural part man created

It is a mixture of several different stones with a colour spectrum of the rainbow

It helps our mental function and balances our system

By wearing this colourful stone it provides colour healing to bring good health, positivity and well being

It uses all colour spectrum rays in our Universe to bring equilibrium

Calisilica is a high vibration and helps us with creativity and inner intuition

Psychic and spiritual growth will expand wearing this stone and create stability

Metaphysically Healing for all Chakras and to bring alignment of our aura and subtle bodies

It does resonate strongly with our 6th Chakra for spirituality and visions

Genuine .925 sterling silver 

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