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Rainbow Tri Calcite Sphere Includes Wooden Holder

Rainbow Tri Calcite Sphere Includes Wooden Holder

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CHAKRA: Root, Sacral, Crown


weight: 268gms

Diameter: 63mm

This Calcite combination is a perfect blend of healing, happiness and positive energy

It features Black/Grey, White and Red

Black/Grey Calcite ~ is used for anxiety or depression and to bring peace to yourself and surrounds. It brings positive thought patterns and grounding vibes.

White Calcite ~ is great for clear thinking and memory aid, it brings protection when used during spiritual/psychic work or astral travel

Red Calcite ~ energising and stimulating for our emotions and physical body. It rekindles our passion and helps us understand our past karmic mistakes

Calcite is a vibrant stone for our bodies to bring joy and positivity

Calcite is a stone that removes negative and stagnant energy from its surrounds

It brings vitality and increases energy of your home and Spirit

It is a highly active crystal to allow spiritual growth

Calcite removes stress and instils harmony and peace

Use for meditation, concentration, astral travel and mind expansion

When used for spiritual work it will clear negative energies and instill calm

Calcite will remove energy blockages within our bodies and restore healthy flow

Metaphysically healing for gallstones, IBS and low fertility, chronic fatigue, circulation and bed wetting

Crystal spheres/balls bring harmony to their surrounds with their perfect shape

They direct even energy flow when used in crystal healing

Use as a focal point during meditation or for scrying


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