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Rainforest Jasper Generator

Rainforest Jasper Generator

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Weight: 76gms

Height: 93mm

Width: 28mm

This beautiful Jasper is soothing and has a high vibration of energy and happiness

It brings us closer to Mother Earth and connects us with nature, animals and living energies

Use it to connect with the Devic Kingdom and feel grounded and balanced

This Australian Jasper will also be helpful if you have beloved pets who may be feeling less than energetic or just not themselves

Healing for emotional baggage you may be carrying and allowing you to move forward with peace and new growth

All Jaspers are the supreme nurturer of us and they also provide protection against the modern world and technology EMFs

Metaphysically healing for removing toxins from your system. It helps flush kidneys for cleansing and heals skin irritations

Use Generators or Standing Points for charging or energising the atmosphere in any room

To bring protection and grounding in meditation

To energise your other crystals

To freshen the atmosphere and your surrounds

Use as a meditation focal point

Use them as a centre piece in gridding layouts

Use for home and business prosperity 

They are a must for every light worker, healer and crystal collector

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