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Raise Your Vibration

Raise Your Vibration

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A revised and updated edition of bestselling author Kyle Gray's guide to connecting with the Divine and tapping into a higher frequency.

A brand-new edition to help you lift your energy, unlock a higher frequency and start receiving more joy and miracles in your life!

In this new, updated edition of the bestselling guide to connecting with the Divine, Angel expert Kyle Gray shows you how to develop your spiritual skills and cultivate high-vibe practices and habits.

With 12 sections (centred around each of the 12 chakras) and an updated introduction, this edition of Raise Your Vibration is packed full of new lessons from Kyle, including how to develop a high frequency spiritual practice and how to receive guidance and trust your intuition. Kyle's inspiring lessons will also help you to-

  • express yourself in a way that's filled with the purest integrity
  • understand what happens when you shift your vibration
  • give and receive in a way that's balanced
  • manifest and create a life you love and deserve!

Kyle's simple, inspiring practices are filled with spiritual wisdom, practical tools and sacred prayers, to help you incorporate high-vibe living into your everyday. Discover your true potential, elevate your vibration and receive Divine guidance to create an incredible life.

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