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Azurite Malachite

Azurite Malachite

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CHAKRA: Heart& Throat


Weight: 694gms

height: 60mm

width: 116mm

Azurite is a gorgeous stone that was used in Ancient Egypt for the pigment to paint the protective Eye of Horus on their foreheads.

Azurite is a good crystal for older people living alone to promote independence.

It encourages study, concentration and memory for school of Uni students.

It brings prosperity and helps overcome any inferiority complexes you may have.

Metaphysically healing for circulation and detoxifying the system

Green crystals are soothing and nurturing in nature, they resonate with our Heart Chakra

They bring compassion, new growth, love and understanding

Malachite is a protective stone which in Folklore, is said to ward off negative and ill energies, with its swirling patterns that may resemble eyes...

It is a powerful stone of deep green nature, which strongly resonates with the Devic Kingdom and its many spirits

Use it to transform, and help in breaking old patterns

Malechite is a cleansing stone to activate our Heart Chakra and boost our auric field and subtle bodies

It is useful to assist past sexual traumas and help you move forward 

Kept during pregnancy, Malechite offers protective strength and relief during childbirth, it’s energy strongly connects with female sexual health and our reproductive system, getting it’s name of the Midwifes Stone ~

Metaphysically healing for the immune system, muscle pains and sinus blockages, labour pain

 NOTE ~ do not wet your Malechite, this can damage the outer surface of the crystal and affect its colour.

Malechite is a soft stone, so avoid using salt, soap and water during cleansing.

Use White Sage, Palo Santo or Singing bowls for cleansing is perfect and safe. Sun should be avoided for long periods, as colour will fade. Moonlight charging is far superior.

Placing on our selenite charging plates is another gentle option

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