Raw Cavansite Fixed Silver Ring



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CHAKRA: Throat and Third Eye

This beautiful ring is a fixed size 8 and is not adjustable 

A rare beauty which originates from a little town in India

This stone created by Mother Earth allows us to slow down in our hectic modern world

This little blue orb radiates the power of the deep blue ray into our very being

It teaches us awareness, self reflection and stops negativity projecting towards us

If you feel anxiety hold or wear Cavansite to soothe your spirit and emotions

Kept in the family home this crystal helps absorb any tension or stagnant energy

Magickal Aspect ~ If you are a spiritual being this stone really resonates and allows healers, mediums or clairvoyants to release any blocks they may be holding

Metaphysically Healing for pain relief, releasing good endorphins, bringing wellbeing and regulating our metabolic rate

This ring is genuine stamped .925 Sterling Silver 

It will retain it's shine using a soft jewellery cloth 

Please choose carefully we do not refund or exchange for:

~ change of mind

~ incorrect sizing

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