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Raw Crystals ~ 20 Power Pieces

Raw Crystals ~ 20 Power Pieces

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When you want to have everything at your fingertips, this is the box for you! All are labelled for easy identification.

I will list some key points of the energies you receive, forgive me for not including an extensive description on each, but we can’t fit it all on the listing! 

For a more informative description as I usually provide, simply visit our Tumble Stone Collection. This is used as our Crystal Dictionary, and all are listed alphabetically to make navigation quick and easy for you.

Raw stones have a gentler energy, compared to those that may be polished into a termination or pyramid for example. 

Raw stones are a bit more scattered in their healing rays sent out, but this can be a very good thing in healing!

As when placed on the body, you receive the energy as a whole and not just in a direct line as some points/wands do. So depending on your needs, both options have their advantages.

SMOKY QUARTZ ~ grounding, paranormal protection, eases anxiety or panic attacks 

BLACK TOURMALINE ~ protective, shielding from negativity and very balancing 

CLEAR QUARTZ/ROCK ~ all healing, white light protection, pain relief and body equilibrium 

EMERALD ~ longevity, fertility, loyalty, opens emotions 

BLUE QUARTZ /SODALITE ~ soothing, calming and aids communication

AMETHYST ~ spirituality, third eye development, relieves insomnia and headaches

ORCHID CALCITE ~ clearing, energising, good for digestive issues 

LEPIDOLITE ~ treats mental illness, depression and very good for emotions, balance, sleep

TIGERS EYE ~ deflects bad luck away, courage and personal power talisman

BLACK OBSIDIAN ~ A personal protection shield, magickal uses, banishes negative energy

WHITE HOWLITE ~ peace, harmony and pain relieving

GREEN QUARTZ ~ mind, body, spirit, like a spring clean for your emotions 

ROSE QUARTZ ~ compassion, hormone balance, universal love 

ORANGE CALCITE ~ sexuality, happiness and uplifting

MOOKAITE ~ Australian Jasper, grounding, protection from EMF’s, nurturing

DIOPSIDE ~ dream crystal, universal secrets, breaks addictions

RED JASPER ~ Grounding, earthy energy, fertility and passion for life

FUCHSITE ~  well-being, nature connections, immune boosting 

ARAGONITE ~ stability , new growth and helps overcome lethargy or exhaustion

ZEBRA JASPER ~ nurturing, balancing, confidence

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