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Red Obsidian Tumble Stones

Red Obsidian Tumble Stones

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CHAKRA: Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus

 Obsidian is volcanic glass that has heated and cooled with the changing environment 

These stones have man made components giving the transparent appearance. So it’s not 100% natural.

Good for older pets if they are becoming irritated and losing patience with each other or humans, it brings them calming and makes them more tolerant to their surrounds

For us it dispels built up anger and directs it away

Obsidian is a gentle protective energy for its keeper

It contains grounding vibrations that are naturally pain relieving when used in crystal healing

It will remove energy blocks from within the body and restore healthy flow

It is a stone of strength in times of need and brings strong direction

Metaphysically healing for circulation, pain relief, menopause and hormone balance

Obsidian has been used by centuries by indigenous tribes, as its form and texture was and is used for Arrowheads and weapons

It helps us communicate with higher spiritual realms and opens our inner knowledge

Obsidian diffuses negativity and energises our chakras

Use it for calming and peaceful energy when needed

Spiritually it is beneficial to those doing light work like crystal healing, tarot and astral travel

You receive one tumble stone chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful 

Please note this is a man made stone with colour 


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