Rhodonite Sphere with wooden holder ~ Peru

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ELEMENT: Earth and Fire

weight: 255gms

diameter: 55mm

This stone originates from Peru

Rhodonite is a stone to balance the Yin/Yang energies and brings gentle love to yourself

Rhodonite wards off negativity and helps you remain calm

Folklore believes when carried or worn it offers protection

Rhodonite is great for feng shui in the home also

If energies are too yang you will feel a surge in your fingertips. If the energy is too Yin they will feel lifeless Once energies are balanced you will feel harmony

Healing for past traumas in life and love

Metaphysically healing for allergic reactions, skin issues or cuts and scarring

Crystal Balls/spheres are great used for scrying or meditation focal points

They bring harmony to their surrounds and send even energies in all directions

Used in crystal healing it transmits energy to where needed in even flows