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Manta/Wish Candle - Yellow - Optimism and Happiness

Manta/Wish Candle - Yellow - Optimism and Happiness

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These candles are perfect for your: 

~ Sacred Space Rituals

~ Spellwork

~ Manifesting

~ Meditation

They are 4 inches and have a burn time of approx 2 hours, so you don’t have to wait for a whole candle to burn hours on end for the intention to get out there!

You receive one candle as displayed

Recite a little chant/spell as you light your candle:

My personal one is as follows, you may say it but please do not reprint 

I end mine with the Cherokee phase of A’ho which means “I understand” or “amen” when used in prayers. Use what spiritual practice you identify with

“Father Sun creator of life

We thank you for your light

 Share with me happiness and abundance


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