Ritual Healing Wand ~ Garnet



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CHAKRA: Root and Heart




Length: 160mm

width: 20mm

These ritual wands are a sacred way to heal, amplify energy and use in your spells

~ They feature a mini clear Quartz sphere at the top which delivers the following:

This mini Sphere is removable for cleansing so please take care and don’t drop her!

Crystal spheres/balls are great for even energy flows and sending harmony into their surrounds

In crystal healing they send perfect energy vibrations due to their shape

They are great used during meditation as a focal point and for scrying

Energy in all directions, window to past, present and future

~ The mid section is encased in glass which hold the main crystal energy

Garnet is a stone of fertility and sexual potency

Symbolic of protection, healing and warmth

It redirects anger from inwards and sends it into the Universe and away from ourselves harmlessly

It raises our Sacral energies and rises it through our chakra centres

It is a crystal full of vitality and removes stress with its positive energies

Metaphysically healing for pain, useful in childbirth, menstruation, fertility and libido boosting

~ The tip is Clear Quartz for direct energy transfer and amplified healing applications and manifesting

A stone that brings harmony and balance to its surrounds

Clear Quartz is the master healer in the crystal world

It protects from negativity and offers psychic protection against black magic

It amplifies energies of all other gemstones and contains pure life force energies

Metaphysically healing for our whole body, soul and mind

Clear Quartz is a highly programmable stone making it perfect for meditation, manifesting or healing

Clear Quartz draws energies down from the Universe and higher sources and from nature

This energy transfers to our rainbow auric field and cleanses and centres our Chakras

Wand includes a soft drawstring pouch for storage

You receive one wand intuitively chosen for you, each is unique and beautiful and the small crystal gem stones may differ