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Wish/Manifest Candle Pink - Love and Romance

Wish/Manifest Candle Pink - Love and Romance

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Pink Candles – Love, compassion and understanding. They bring compassion & gentle energy. Burn them for surrounding yourself with nurture, self love, attracting love and heart healing. Use with suited crystals like: Rose Quartz for unconditional love. Rhodonite for balance of yin/yang energy and healing emotions.

These candles are perfect for your: 

~ Wishing/Mantras 

~ Spellwork

~ Manifesting

~ Meditation

They are 5 inches and have a burn time of approx 2 hours, so you don’t have to wait for a whole candle to burn hours on end for the intention to get out there!

You receive one candle as displayed 

Recite a little chant/spell as you light your candle:

My personal one is as follows, you may say it but please do not reprint out of respect 

I end mine with the Cherokee phase of A’ho which means “I understand” or “amen” when used in prayers. Use what spiritual practice you identify with.

“I call upon Mother Earth 

Connect me with love, nurture and peace

Burn bright and share compassion to all 


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