Leather Double Wrap ~ Rose Quartz



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CHAKRA: Heart 


This wrap bracelet features soft dark brown leather with drilled gemstones sewn through securely

It may also be worn as a gypsy style choker for the neck, it is soft and light

This Leather Wrap is adjustable with two sizing loops

The leather and gemstones are one continual piece, that will wrap comfortably around most wrist sizes twice

Do not wet this leather, as it may affect the quality over time

 Rose Quartz is a crystal with mothering caring energies

Perfect used during pregnancy by holding on your stomach to connect with your unborn baby

Use for depression, or post natal depression. Helps you overcome any abuse of all kinds

A stone of love, nurturing and unconditional love and self respect

Helps us forgive and brings reconciliation with others and ourselves when needed

Metaphysically healing for hormones, fertility, balance, headaches, healthy flow of fluids and promoting self confidence

Rose Quartz brings sweet dreams, banishes nightmares and bring peaceful sleep