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Candle Holder ~ Rose Quartz

Candle Holder ~ Rose Quartz

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ELEMENT: Earth and Water

weight: 105gms

height: 65mm

width: 100mm

This beautiful quartz originates from Brazil 

A crystal with mothering caring energies

Perfect used during pregnancy by holding on your stomach to connect with your unborn baby

Use for depression, or post natal depression. Helps you overcome any abuse of all kinds

A stone of love, nurturing and unconditional love and self respect

Helps us forgive and brings reconciliation with others and ourselves when needed

Metaphysically healing for hormones, fertility, balance, headaches, healthy flow of fluids and promoting self confidence

Rose Quartz brings sweet dreams, banishes nightmares and bring peaceful sleep

This candle holder creates soothing ambience and fits tealight candles perfectly.

The underside is lined with soft felt so no scratched furnishings

These are perfect as succulent pots as well and only need a light water each month

Please note that each candle holder is unique, and will slightly vary being a natural creation

They are all identical quality and sizing as shown



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