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Rubellite Healing Bracelet ~ Awakening

Rubellite Healing Bracelet ~ Awakening

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CHAKRA: Root and Heart

ELEMENT: Water and Fire 

8mm beads on elastic with Tibetan silver spacer charm

7 inches 

Rubellite is a stone for activating the root chakra and bring awaking to your body and emotions

It will restore vitality, stamina and boost your libido, may be placed in the bedroom

Bring the passion back to your life and surrounds

Use by circling above your thighs to awaken energies to your Root Chakra, tingling may be felt in the knees or feet whilst doing this, a warmth will be felt rising from within

Use as a shield against negativity by passing above your head and clearing your aura

Deep Pink Tourmaline brings protection, healing and activates our Heart Chakra and emotions 

Metaphysically healing for harmonzing the feminine side in both sexes, physical energy and coughs and colds

Healing bracelets are an easy way to gain Crystal Healing into your routine. Always program them before wearing by setting your intention and thank them at the end of the day.

I recommend cleansing them on a weekly basis, as they absorb a lot of stagnant energy! 

You receive one bracelet chosen intuitively for you, colour will always slightly vary being natural beads


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