Ruby Feldspar Egg Includes Hematite Ring



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CHAKRA: Root and Heart

ELEMENT: Fire and Water

Weight: 186gms

Height: 64mm

Width: 43mm

Ruby Feldspar is a powerful combination of two beautiful stones

Feldspar is for clairvoyance, self love and spiritual awareness and can assist our psychic development and intuitive powers

It helps us transition with changes and clears our mid of clutter or stresses

Used in meditation it allows us to be calm and still with focus and concentration

Ruby is a precious gem which is held with high regard in many cultures

It is symbolic of passion, beauty and life experience 

Ruby increases energy levels, brings vitality and detoxifies our system

It brings sensuality and high sexual energy and overcomes any sexual dysfunction

A stone of manifestation, wealth and positivity 

Use to bring prophetic dreams and recall and banish nightmares

Use to maintain happy family connections by gifting one to relatives wherever they are

Metaphysically healing for infections, circulation, female fertility, menstruation issues and menopause symptoms

Crystal Eggs are symbolic of fertility, creativity, good luck and abundance in life

They are useful in crystal healing to locate blockages in your energy field

Use for drawing pain out and away from the body with their pointed end

Use for Reiki, acupressure, shiatsu and reflexology practices

The egg with their soothing shape is a perfect meditation and relaxation aid to hold in your palms