Rudruksha Seed OM Orgone Pyramid



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Weight: 160gms

Height: 60mm

Width: 75mm

Reading ancient scriptures they reveal Rudraksha Beads were formed by the tears of the Lord Shiva.

Worn and used for meditation practices by Yogis, Sages and Mystics these beautiful seeds offer many benefits

Use them for deep meditation, balancing the mind and emotions and reaching your desired life goals and reducing harmful stress and anxieties

Rudruksha Beads are known to be a blessing and are used for their powerful vibration of protection against negative energies and radiation from modern appliances

These Orgone Pyramids are absolutely stunning in their creation. Each is unique and hand made with the crystals being added within along metals and designs.  They are all set in clear resin.

Orgones are a powerhouse of energies to be tapped into.

They are spiritual tools that bring the following metaphysical benefits:

peaceful sleep and lucid dreaming

deeper meditation

harmony and balance

aligns our auric fields for healing

balances our Chakras for free flow energies

protects from wifi and emf emissions

keeps food and supplements fresh

Programme your Orgone Pyramid by holding in palm and in front of your Third Eye Chakra, ask what healing and balancing you need to bring forward, thank it and place it back down