Sacred Elements Room Spray ~ PALO SANTO ~ PROTECTION



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100ml spray bottle

All Organic essential oils and water 

Shelter you Harmony.....

Every human body essentially is made from Five Elements


These five elements are associated with the five senses

Scared Elements through its range of products evokes all the senses, thus creating a stronger association with nature


Palo Santo means Holy Wood and is a wild tree that grows in the Peru and Eucador rainforests.

Its Wood, leaves and oil have been used for thousands of years by Shamans to heal, purify and clear the negativity away from our surrounds and our Spirit

Palo Santo  is a popular fragrance to induce calm

Palo Santo has the benefit of spiritual cleansing our sacred spaces

~ remove negative vibes

~ useful for meditation 

~ remove negative energy from crystals and cleanse them

~ elevate your mood and positivity

~ bring good luck

~ banish evil or lower energies from your home and sacred spaces