Abalone Sacred Mini Smudge Kit ~ Set of 6



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These gorgeous kits originate from the US and contain everything needed for perfect cleansing

Being Native American in heritage this is my favourite form of cleansing and healing to use, it has been used for centuries by our indigenous tribes

Always connect with your Kit and it’s natural energies before use, be calm, open and thorough for best results....

Each Kit contains:


Sage Stick

Flat Cedar

Small Abalone Shell

Quick life Charcoal

Feather Fan (ethically sourced)

These are designed to be used for cleansing and purifying your sacred space, home, crystals, possessions, pets and your spirit

Please ensure your windows and doors are open! You do not want to trap energies inside, this is important, the correct procedure delivers  best results....


The smoke from the Sage Stick attaches to the negative energy of the area and cleanses so it turns to positive energy


The smoke from the burning cedar is believed to attract good spirits and eliminate negative energies


The smoke is used in the beginning of ceremonies, prayers or spell rituals to attract positive energy

CHARCOAL ~ these are used to burn loose sage, herbs or incense. You may use a section and break as needed. Beware they get extremely hot! Place the loose herbs/sage on the smouldering disc


Enhance all the energy and offer extra protection with their natural energy. They are used by Native Americans for healing and cleansing ceremonies. They are heat proof and may be washed after use and dried naturally in the sun for recharging


These are used to keep your herbs smouldering and smoking as you use them in your area

Abalone Shells should be held in front to the heart, allowing the smoke to billow outwards whilst using the feather fan

At the end of your cleansing ritual, always give thanks to the Universe and also thank the bird which has given its energy in feathers. These are sacred gifts in Native culture

You receive one kit as shown