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CHAKRA: Root, Heart, Third Eye and Crown

I have created these healing pouches based on my knowledge gained from my Crystal Healing Certification. These pouches are designed to help us by engaging our physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies. These all form together and create our persona.

Crystal healing works by restoring balance on our etheric body before the illness manifests further. The Etheric body is a duplicate of our physical body and radiates around 4 inches above and is a higher vibration.

The etheric appears as a fine grey mist and does not filter bad or good vibes. This is when crystal healing is used to remove the blocks and restore healthy flow.

We travel everyday whether it be in our car, plane, public transport or even walking. These stones selected all work together to place us in a protective bubble and hopefully out of harms way.

AMETHYST ~ This stone has energies to keep us calm and de-stressed with its high spiritual vibration

ROSE QUARTZ ~This stone promotes harmony for ourself and helps us respect those around us with love

SMOKY QUARTZ  ~ This stone is highly protective in all aspects and keeps us balanced. A shield of armour! 

BLACK TOURMALINE ~ This stone keeps us grounded safely on Earth. It promotes balance and protection

CLEAR QUARTZ~ This all healer amplifies the energies of all crystals, and surrounds us in white light

You may also place them in them in your bra, pocket or purse to receive crystal vibes whenever needed

Remember to always cleanse the negative vibes absorbed by your stones after each use

You may use white sage, palo santo smudging or singing bowls to do so or you preferred method

Place them in the Sun for an hour or so inside or outside to recharge for next use

This keeps them happy, cleansed and ready to programme for healing.





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